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What’s in a name…

What’s in a name?


If you need any help that has to do with naming, don’t come to me. For example, the naming of my 4 kids, I only named 1 of them. LOL. True story. It’s hard stuff, because it’s permanent. I mean, granted they could change it later as they become adults, but I still have to name them! The same goes for projects I’m working on, or coming up with fit challenges. Takes me forever, and half the time I just throw shit out there and hope for the best. I’m reckless like that. Hahaha

The day I decided to go all in with my business I was wracking my brain to come up with something. One that just fits me along with those willing to join me on this journey. Now, it’s not mandatory to have a name but I wanted one since this was after all my OWN business. I wrote countless names down, but I saw some were taken already so I scratched them out and I kept moving forward. Still nothing came to me. I gave it a rest and decided to come back to it later, but then life came at me in the worst way

My older brother had a long history with illness that it finally caught up to him.  He fought like hell to keep it at bay but his body just wasn’t strong enough this last time. He ended up passing away at 37, and at the same time I was thrown into the middle of a shit storm that I never saw coming. That time in my life was complete shit, so painful, and a memory that breaks me slowly if I even think about it. Because not only did I have to face that I lost my big brother, I also had to find some way to pick myself up and put back together all of the shattered pieces of me. As well as finding a way to heal my heart, while putting on a happy face in front of my babies. It felt impossible, and truth be told I was drowning in my pain. I didn’t know how to do all of that, much less have the strength to do so while taking care of everything else..

(Pic 2014. My babies and I during that time)

I found myself most days on my knees crying in my closet just asking for strength to see me through this pain. To help me find my way out, and be the strength that I needed to be for my babies and me. I went into counseling, leaned on my faith, and threw myself into learning how to love myself all over again. Slowly but surely I was finding my healing….

Pic 2018

Because of my situation, I decided a year or so later to FINALLY take that leap forward and go all into my home business that I had let slide with everything going on around me. I needed another income and I rather work one from home than finding one that took me away from my kids.

I looked at what I did to get through the worst period of my life and just like that….it came so easy to me

1. I UNITED in my STRENGTH within myself, my faith, those around that loved me, and the love of my kids.

2. With my brother passing, and knowing how short life can be you can’t take things for granted. We have ONE LIFE to live and make the most out of it. ONE PURPOSE to enjoy it every damn day & to improve ourselves to the best of our ability.

3. Then take what I do as a coach, a job that doesn’t even feel like work. Because how could it, when all I do is share my passion & connect with others while helping them become the best versions of themselves. I provide them with the tools they’ll need to do something they haven’t been able to accomplish on their own in regards to their health and fitness. BELIEVING IN THEMSELVES. To help them find their self belief, to fall in love with who they are, accepting all of their flaws with pride, and know that even when you fall down 7 you stand up 8. We take it all one day at a time. Learn new ways to have better relationships with food, to know if they have to modify a move in the program, it doesn’t mean they are weak it just shows they won’t stop. They tap into their own strength and continue to push through. They do all of this and what’s so sweet about it all is that they can also make an income in the process for themselves and families, meet others within our team community that will support, hold them accountable, and love them for who they are. To me, that’s a win on a whole other level, and one that continues to always pay it forward with pride.

Combine those 3 important factors…

and United in Strength (One life. One Purpose.) was born.

I couldn’t be prouder.



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