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The struggle bus stops here…

Today is the day. Well, I should say Monday was the day. I’m a couple of days late with this post. #momlife.  You’re probably thinking what is this girl even talking about? Well, let me just give you the backstory…

At the end of September I came up with finishing this year stronger than ever, because we only have 90 days left come Oct 1st which is 3 months away.  You can accomplish so much in that time frame. I then came upon Rachel Hollis’s Last 90 Day challenge and I took it as a sign. So I signed up naturally because I freaking love her and I actually believe in myself so much that I knew I could complete this like the mom boss that I am if I put my mind to it!!

You can check out her challenge here

Theres nothing like some motivation to kick start your life and trust me when I say I was lacking that for these last 5 weeks. And it hurt me. My weight went up by 8 lbs. I am now 132 instead of 124. I’m only 4’11.5 and trust me any weight I gain shows up fast and furious. I was just in this funky mood that wouldn’t stop. No motivation. Lack of trying. Half assing all the things. Just blah. The fact that I am a health and fitness coach made it worse. We aren’t suppose to lack motivation or least that’s the perception of us. Well, you know what? This mama isn’t perfect and I fell hard. That feeling is horrible because it means I’m letting my team down and those around me down. As well as letting myself down, and everyone will think my word is now crap, and I’m just looking like a basic shit talker. When that’s not me at all, and so far from whom I am as a person. I just wasn’t sure why I kept feeling this way and that’s what bothered me more. So I made an appointment to check things out. One appointment came back with great results. My next one is next month, so we’ll see what that one says. *positive thoughts*

In the meantime, I decided to work on getting out of this funk. So Sunday night I went into girl boss mode. I started meal prepping so I can track my foods, wrote out my game plan, invited some friends to join in as well because who doesn’t love people who have the same goals as you?! Speaking of, our team challenge started Monday!!  So if you want to join us simply comment below on this post or send me a message through the drop down above in the category option. I’ll work on getting you all set up💗

I wrote out my workout plan as well because, like I said I have sucked so bad at finishing shit these last 5 weeks. That’s the one thing I need to do is to just finish another program because believe me this works. But then how can you believe me, when I don’t show you that pushing play every day works, or that when you give it everything you have this lifestyle does works. That taking care of YOU is important, and that YOU do have 30 minutes in your day to show up for you because YOU matter. Even if you have the kids running around the house fighting like cats and dogs or you have mom chores waiting for you to do.  It’s still possible to get it all done. Just remember to take it one day at a time, breathe, and focus on those smaller goals because in turn that will help you achieve  your bigger goal. And I plan on showing you just that, before this year is over. Shit, I plan on showing you results in 4 weeks. So hold me accountable loves. I love a good push!😉

I came across this picture back last month, and I just fell in love with it.

The timing of it was perfect. So I went back to it Sunday night, made it my screen saver and put it on my fridge. As a reminder, the promises I make to myself are just as important as the ones I make to all of you. I’m not perfect. I may not be your favorite cup of coffee. But to someone I am, and to those I promise you that these last few weeks are passed me. No more slacking. That’s the last time I go back on my word with my health and fitness. I want you to see what can happen when you make a promise to yourself. And then I want you to do the same, and join me. You can join me now or join me when I finish. Either way, get ready for a wild ride because this mama is coming in hot!


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