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Hello 2018

Another year, for a new adventure….
Coming into the New Year I have all these ideas, goals, and am so excited where I want to take my home business, social media, and my growth as a mom/friend/sister/daughter I feel like I’m all over the place just ready to burst. I’m just going to take a deep breathe and take it day by day. All I can do right? NO rushing. Just enjoy this upcoming year and count my blessings. I have connected with so many wonderful bloggers that have been super sweet and who hasn’t minded my million questions in regards to the ins and outs of blogging. Thank gosh, otherwise I’d be lost! I appreciate them more than they know. I plan on blogging on certain days so once I get an idea of what days and topics that work for me then I’ll make sure to let you all know via my IG and FB Like Page. I’m looking forward to getting more involved and learning all the things that capture my heart this year. I actually have my “Mom-Boss Goals List” written out to check off for each month. So for the month of January, here’s what’s on my list….
  • I haven’t been the best Catholic as far as attending church, but I plan going not only for myself but as well as my family..
  • Revamping the blog and creating a new logo for my home business
  • Getting familiar with my Canon Eos Rebel T5i which will help in providing better quality pictures and videos! Upload my first of many videos is definitely a must for this month. Still working on understanding IMovie to edit but I know with practice I will get better.
  • Mentally/physically prepping myself for the “COACH TEST GROUP” that I was accepted in for our newest program with Beachbody called “80 Day Obsession” Check it out here. It’s spread over 13 weeks with workouts being around 45-60 minutes long. I haven’t completed that long of a work since 2011 when I did P90x which was 90 days!! This program drops to the public on January 15th 2018. As of December 20th, we launched a 5 day introduction on Beachbody on Demand called “A Little Obsessed” that slowly gets you introduced to what’s to come next month, it’s made up of 5 30 minute long workouts that features moves from the full program. So add this in which I started today & running on average 8 miles a week I should be good to go for when the “TEST GROUP” starts on January 10th!! Woohoo!
  • Aiming for 5-7 lb lost for the month
I’m pretty pumped about this test group because it’ll take me into my 39th birthday in March and get me ready physically for what’s happening in May. Yaasss! *I get butterflies just thinking about it!* I have been adapting over the last month and a half to a ketogenic food lifestyle. I lost since Nov to now about 12lbs. I can’t wait to add in the workouts and my shake to really drop these lbs like it’s hot. lol. So those are my 5 goals for this month to kick off the New Year. I love having a plan and knowing what I’m doing. Otherwise, I feel like I’m all over the place driving myself and those around me crazy. haha. I hope you all had a fabulous New Years Eve and many blessings to you coming into 2018…
Thanks for all your support & friendship!
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